Pana Raises $3.6m Series A Extension

Written by
Sam Felsenthal
January 11, 2021

Pana raises a $3.6 million Series A Extension co-led by Matt Ziskie, Dave Ambrose, and RTP Ventures.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce our successful raise of a $3.6 million Series A-1 financing, led by Jules Schwerin at RTP Ventures, Matt Ziskie, and Dave Ambrose.

Pana is on a mission is to make in person collaboration effortless. And though progress towards that mission was hindered by COVID-19, the last year has taught us that in-person connection and collaboration is more important now than ever.

Our team has worked tirelessly over the last year, and we have made tremendous progress. In fact, 2020 was Pana’s most successful sales year for our Guest product by a long shot. We closed our 9 largest customers in 2020, including a number in the Fortune 100.

Since 2017, Pana has focused on making travel seamless for candidates, health care professionals, interns, and any other guests our customers may need to coordinate travel for.

In seconds, recruiters, event managers, and coordinators can invite a guest traveler to take a trip on behalf of their company. Pana handles every step of that traveler’s journey, from helping to arrange flights, hotels, and ground transportation to managing that travelers expense workflows.

What’s Next?

We’ve always known that the corporate travel product and global infrastructure we have built to support travel programs from $5m to $500m has applications beyond just Guest and non-employee travel.

Over this past year, we’ve spoken with hundreds of corporate travel managers to learn about the challenges they face every day in their travel programs. We have come to believe enterprise travel programs have become more complex than ever, and yet most of the digital tools they’ve had access to haven’t evolved meaningfully in over a decade.

We also believe the products that our customers use to travel or arrange travel for work should be as simple and delightful as Slack, Asana, or other modern products built in this decade (like with our Guest product!).

While we’re not quite ready to unveil our next product, we’re looking forward to showing you what’s next for Pana in a few months from now.

Welcoming Matt Ziskie, Dave Ambrose, and RTP Ventures

We’re also excited to have Matt Ziskie and Dave Ambrose join us on this journey.

Matt has been a close advisor since his days leading Airbnb’s travel program, where he was one of Pana’s first customers. Matt’s tenure also includes running global sales and partnerships for Airbnb for Work, and we think he is one of the smartest and most forward-looking thinkers in travel today.

We’ve been trying to get Dave on our team since we launched the company in 2014. At the time he told we had a lot of work to do (and he was right!). We are glad that things have come full circle!

Finally, we’re thrilled to have Jules Schwerin from RTP Ventures continue his adventure with the Pana team. Jules recently joined RTP Ventures, after spending several years working with the Pana team at Bessemer Ventures. We couldn’t be more excited to have him bring his energy and enthusiasm to Pana a second time.

Here’s to a successful 2021 and beyond.

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