Pana Values

Guiding principles that inform how we work, and how we work together

At Pana, we hold strong to a set of guiding values, which help inform all of our decisions. We are looking for team members who are interested and passionate about upholding our values.


Say What You Mean

We believe that debate and conflict lead to better decisions. We overcome interpersonal discomfort and provide candid direct feedback. We don’t withhold thoughts, feelings, and judgements from others, and we see sharing these as an opportunity to increase interpersonal connections. We frequently share direct and specific appreciations with others.

Check Your Ego

We prioritize company goals and collective success over personal advancement. We can “disagree and commit” to someone else’s plan. We’re intellectually honest, and we are genuinely curious if the opposites of our stories could be equally true. We recognize that teams accomplish more than individuals, so we engage others in our work early and often.

Make Safe Spaces

We care deeply for our team, and we invest time in connecting personally with the people we work with. We engender confidence that others can take risks and are safe from being seen as ignorant, incompetent, negative, or disruptive. We do not embarrass or punish anyone else for admitting a mistake, asking a question, or offering a new idea. We start with assuming good intentions. We don’t gossip; we bring issues directly to the people with whom we have them.

Default to Open

We believe that easy and open access to information to as many people as possible improves decision-making, effectiveness, and creates additional purpose and clarity in our work. We invest time in making the complex clear and understandable for others. We share our personal mistakes early and often to encourage learning and strengthen the team.

Be Hungry

We work to accomplish big things, and we want to make an impact on the world. We are motivated by change for the better, and we get our energy from being around similarly-motivated people.

Act Like an Owner

We act like owners of the company and our outcomes, and we give others the freedom and responsibility to do the same. We create high-quality work products to achieve extraordinary outcomes for our customers. We think long term, and we spend money wisely. We call out issues when we see them, and we see problems as personal invitations for creating solutions. We “pick up the trash”.

Everyone Wins

We find solutions which are “win-for-all”. We act with integrity; we don’t take advantage of others or cheat to get ahead. We advocate for those who aren’t in the room.

Make Clean Agreements

We set clean agreements that define “who” will do “what” by “when”, and we keep 90% or more of our agreements. We only enter into agreements for which we have a “full-body yes”, and we renegotiate our agreements when circumstances change rather than breaking them. We make clear what ourselves and others are accountable for, and we hold each other to those accountabilities.

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