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Master view itinerary

Master view.

View all of your trip itineraries in one organized place, as opposed to a mess of travel confirmations and receipts in your email inbox.

Pana supports automatic email sync with Gmail, Exchange, iCloud, and IMAP inboxes. We value your privacy, so we only access travel-related emails.

Pana Free is backed by the Pana team, so if our automatic sync doesn't find a receipt, the super-human team at Pana steps in and ensures your itinerary is 100%.

Group itinerary.

Collaboratively build itineraries with friends, family, and co-workers. Everyone’s travel bookings are combined into a unified itinerary, giving you the big picture at a glance.

Group itineraries make it easy to coordinate details like arrival times, shared cars, and meals on family and group trips.

Master view itinerary
Master view itinerary

Offline access.

Access you entire itinerary offline, so you can see the full info for all of your travel, anytime, anywhere.

Offline access also means you aren't incurring expensive overages while roaming internationally.

Loop anyone in.

Easily share your live itinerary with a loved one who wants to track your travel plans or a colleague who wants to coordinate a client dinner after your flight lands.

Pana syncs with your phone's address book, making sharing with someone a single tap away.

Pana's itineraries are viewable in our mobile apps or on the web, meaning they can be viewed from any device, from a smart watch to a big-screen TV.

Master view itinerary
Master view itinerary

Live trip alerts.

Receive free trip alerts like updates on flight delays, gate changes, and important travel announcements. Those shared on your itinerary can also subscribe to the same notifications.

Pana's alerts are fully customizable, so you can be notified of only the events you care about, via email, text, or push notification.

Automatic flight check-in.

Pana is the only travel app that checks you in and delivers your boarding pass, 100% free.

Currently, Pana supports check-ins for domestic flights in the United States.

If you prefer to check-in yourself, Pana can also send a check-in reminder 24-hours before your flight’s departure time.

Master view itinerary

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