Pana for Travel Managers

An all-in-one platform for expertly handling booking, service, and payment for your guests.

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Guest travel is typically booked through clunky work-arounds.

"Here, our employees play ‘travel agent’, taking screenshots of our OBT. It wastes time and isn't a great guest experience."

"We book travel for guests using a messy 3-way email chain with a travel counselor. 30 emails later, travel's booked and no one's happy.",

Sound familiar? We fixed all of this in just 3 easy steps.


Tell us the basics.

Done in one step

Let us know the guest's origin city and timing, and we’ll take it from there.

Live budgeting

We’ll show you the trip cost up front, so there aren’t any surprise expenses for anyone.


We’ll coordinate flights, hotels, rides, and more.

Centralized billing

Instead of a clunky and slow expense process, all travel through Pana is centrally billed.

Attentive without the hassle

Whether it’s arranging a stay for an extra night with a friend or flying in a day early, we’ll handle everything while staying in budget.


We ensure a world-class and successful travel experience.

Regular check-ins

We check in at key intervals (two hours before the flight, hotel arrival, etc.) to verify everything’s okay.

Their concierge

Throughout the journey, if your guest needs anything, from directions to a place to eat, we’re there.

Always within reach

If anything happens that affects the trip, like a flight delay, we’ll keep your guest in the loop.

Just Announced

Pana + Your TMC

It is easy to integrate into your existing travel management company. When integrated, Pana uses all of your existing corporate contracts, keeps your travel reporting centralized, and instantly connects to all of your integrated services such as your duty of care and price assurance providers.

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Why Pana? Less hassle plus a better traveler experience.


Save employee time and headache.

No back-and-forth emails

No lengthy reimbursement process

No day-of coordination hassles


Deliver great travel experiences.

Always-on, 24/7 support

Streamlined and professional process

Personalized to your company

Everything you need for delightful and streamlined guest travel.


A unified process

Pana manages guest travel from start to finish, delivering a clear and simple process for the team.


Flexible preferences

Enter preferred hotels (and other suppliers), and we’ll prioritize those when working with travelers.


24/7 support

Everyone can reach us via app, web, text, or email. We’re available 24/7, with under 5-minute response times.


Friendly payments

Neither you nor guests need to float money or waste unnecessary time on expense reports.


Easy budgeting

We take work off your plate without removing budget control—we’ll stick within your parameters, every time.


Custom branding

We’ll include your company logo, name, materials, and recs in our app and traveler conversations.

Travel programs of all sizes trust Pana with their guest and non-employee travel.

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“Working with Pana offered a way for us to ensure a consistent traveler experience across regions and time zones, while adding to the personalized experience and human touch we value as a company.”

Laurie Duthie, Head of Talent

“Our travelers always thank us for how easy it is to work with Pana.”

Cassandra W. at Strava

“Pana takes the stress out of coordinating a candidate's travel plans.”

Atra K. at Scale AI

“Pana has been key to bettering our candidate experience and lowering the stress of our coordinators.”

Samson W. at CloudKitchens

“It's almost effortless to use and the folks at Pana are super professional and always accommodating. An A+ from us!”

Stacy C. at Domino Data Lab