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Make the candidate a culture detective

What if you could gauge the social-emotional intelligence of candidate and improve your company culture… at the same time?

This is the brilliant way that Adam Grant achieves both:

Two weeks before the onsite interview, Adam gives the candidate the names of three colleagues.

He instructs the candidate to become a ‘culture detective’ and learn about the company culture from those three colleagues.

When the candidate comes in, Adam simply asks, “How could we improve our culture?”

(I might also add the question: “How would your presence as a team member influence our culture?”)

Win #1: You learn a ton about the candidate’s social awareness.

Win #2: You get fresh ideas and perspectives on your company’s culture from an outsider.

Here are more unconventional tactics on hiring straight from Grant.

Grant is a top-rated professor at Wharton, and author of “Originals.”


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