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Nir Eyal

Written by Sam Felsenthal on April 4

Nir knows what it means to be busy.

He’s an angel investor, writer, speaker, and an expert in the science of consumer behavior. He’s well known for his bestselling book, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products and annual Habit Summit, a conference on building engaging products. He also writes a widely-read blog, Nir and Far.

Nir’s work mentoring companies, from early stage to the world’s biggest brands, requires he spend a good deal of time on the road and in the air. He helps his clients by conducting in-person strategic meetings and workshops.

He's on a plane at least twice per month and often makes quick trips to other countries—sometimes for a mere 12 hours before catching a flight back home to his family.

This means that on top of an already busy schedule, Nir was spending a lot of time dealing with travel—time that could be spent helping companies grow.

“When I thought about the value of time, it made no sense whatsoever to handle my own travel.”

Simplifying Travel

That’s where Pana comes in. With Pana, Nir has access to a personal travel agent team and a messaging app that makes booking travel as easy and simple as sending a text.

His Pana team handles all of his travel research, booking, management, and planning. “Not only do I know I’m getting the best deal [because] someone is meticulously filtering through all the possible options, but also, I don’t have to spend the time doing it myself.”

In the past, if he forgot his pre-check number or wanted to know if his flight was serving dinner, he’d have to sift through emails and records just so he could check one small thing.

With Pana, he can send a quick text and let the team do the rest while he gets on with his day.

“Pana saves me hours on every single trip.”

A Team of Real Humans

The more Nir uses Pana, the better his team understands his preferences and offers proactive service.

One of Nir’s favorite Pana perks is that his team helps him keep track of his frequent flyer points. They know when he’s received miles and recommends when he should use them so that all Nir has to do is travel.

And because Pana is a team of real humans, they inherently understand his travel needs and how to handle emergencies.

“Pana does so much more than just book travel. Pana handles all the little annoyances that suck up your time and can ruin your day. With Pana, it’s just taken care of.”

Recently, Nir booked a ticket on a flight that was later canceled by the airline. The airline automatically rebooked Nir on a new flight but the new arrival time meant he would miss his meeting. His only option was to pay a large change fee to get on another flight.

Before Nir even had a chance to message Pana, his team was on top of the issue. They immediately contacted the airline, and within an hour, his refund was processed, he was booked on a new flight, and was back on schedule.

Take back your time

Nir uses Pana to maximize his time, manage his travel, and save himself from lots of frustration.

By using Pana, he’s able to focus on his business while his agent team works on his travel in the background. More importantly, he’s gotten back time so he can focus on helping companies become the next big thing.

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