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Our Mission

Today, coordinating business travel is complex because of competing interests, opaque industry practices, convoluted systems, and bad software.

At Pana, we believe travel can be a force-multiplier for growth.

Travel connects teams to new and existing co-workers, partners, and customers. It enables new opportunities, produces unexpected collaboration, and shifts perspectives. That’s why we focus daily on making travel more about why you’re going and less about how you’ll get there.

Our mission is to make in-person collaboration effortless.

Devon Tivona wearing a green long sleeve shirt and Sam Felsenthal wearing a Pana shirt standing side-by-side smiling

Meet Our Founders

Devon Tivona, CEO

Devon is co-founder and CEO at Pana, the first corporate travel platform exclusively for world-class guest trips, including on-site interviews, customer visits, internships and more. Devon has been building technology companies and products in travel since 2010. Devon studied Computer Science at CU-Boulder, and he is a recipient of multiple awards and fellowships.

Sam Felsenthal, COO

Sam joined the Pana team in December 2014 as a co-founder and hasn’t slept since. As COO, Sam devotes his days and nights to ensuring Pana runs smoothly (he even played the role of Pana’s first agent). Sam attended CU-Boulder where he studied business and design. Previous to Pana, he was an analyst at Detroit Venture Partners.

Our Values


Say What You Mean


Check Your Ego


Make Safe Spaces


Default to Open


Be Hungry


Act Like an Owner


Everyone Wins


Make Clean Agreements

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Pana Wins 2019 Innovator of the Year Award & People's Choice Award