It’s easy to download Pana.

Pana, can you book me a flight to New York next week?

Pana is your virtual travel agent. It handles your travel so you can focus on what matters to you.

The 21st century travels with Pana.

Pana combines machine intelligence and a team of live expert travel agents to make booking quick, simple and natural while providing an exceptional customer experience.

Pana makes booking travel as easy as texting a friend, provides white-glove care for the highs and lows of travel, and offers the best travel perks, rewards, and experiences.

Hey Pana, I need a flight for my New York trip next week.

Sure! Here is the best flight that matches your preferences. Let me know what you think.

Looks perfect. Let’s book it!

I rarely endorse apps, but my Pana travel concierge saved me hours of agony today.

Nir Eyal
author of hooked

I loved having Pana as my personal assistant while traveling in Buenos Aires.

Chris Messina
godfather of the hashtag

I travel a ton, and no website or app has ever been as useful as my Pana concierge.

Andrew Hyde
founder at upglobal

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