Software Engineer (Full Stack JavaScript)

An Audacious Mission

Today, business travel is complex because of competing interests, opaque industry practices, convoluted systems, and bad software.

But we believe that travel is a force-multiplier for growth.

Travel connects teams to their co-workers, partners, and customers. It enables new opportunities, produces unexpected collaboration, shifts perspectives, and empowers people.

Our mission is to grow people-first teams. We accomplish this by building world-class products that make travel delightfully simple.

The Role

We have an opportunity for a talented web engineer to develop the future of our suite of web products. As a full-stack javascript engineer, you will play an essential role in evolving our product. Your work will impact the entire company, from product to marketing to sales.

You will contribute to our web interface that thousands of customers use to book travel daily. You will contribute to our online concierge dashboard—the tool that enables our travel team to message and take care of customers. You will help implement our marketing website, making it possible to message our product to potential customers.

As we're an early-stage company, our engineers have the unique opportunity to touch all parts of our product lifecycle. While your primary role will be to architect, code, test, and ship web technology, you will also help brainstorm, design, and prototype evolutions of the product. You will get a chance to understand the core problems that we're solving at Pana, allowing you to better serve the user in your execution of our product strategy.

Our employees enjoy full benefits, unlimited vacation time, a competitive salary, stock options, and a chance to change the face of travel.

What We Value

You develop for the user.

You understand that every line of code that you write affects the user experience. When you implement features, fix bugs, and vet product decisions, you do so through the lens of “what is best for my user?”

You are detail oriented.

You care about the style, structure, and readability of your code. You know that quality mistakes can result in a degraded user experience—and you hate this. You care about visual aesthetics and usability; just because you are an engineer, doesn’t mean your product shouldn’t look good and function well.

You are flexible.

Code matters to you, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be thrown away. You are constantly developing better solutions, refactoring code, and integrating others’ opinions in the way that you work and the products you make. You are happy with the right solution, even if it wasn’t your solution.

You communicate clearly.

You are articulate and clear about your perspective, feelings, and opinions. If a concept is complex, you can break it down by explaining in simpler terms or visually communicating your ideas. People enjoy collaborating with you.

You are empathetic and helpful.

You voluntarily step up when others are struggling, even if the problem is not in your area of expertise. You love teaching others new things, and you are patient as they learn. You are happy when you have made others succeed.

You love learning.

You can use Google to learn anything and everything except for rocket science and brain surgery. You believe no problem is too hard, because you can teach your self “just-in-time” how to solve it.

You work hard.

You relentlessly and swiftly execute towards your goals and metrics. You are not afraid of long hours, and you are able to handle stress well and maintain a positive attitude.


We would love to speak with you. Along with your resume or portfolio, please tell us why you are interested in Pana and why you will be a powerful ally in accomplishing our mission.

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