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Denise Lambertson

Written by Lianne Haug on April 19

Denise Lambertson knows that nothing replaces a face-to-face conversation.

She’s built her entire career around this core value. Denise is a Co-Founder and Partner at LMS, a boutique marketing firm that pairs celebrities with growth-stage companies. In this fast-paced industry, her strong network and ability to maintain relationships have been critical to her success.

Denise learned the value of forming strong relationships early on in her career as Madonna’s Executive Assistant. She had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn about the entertainment industry from the Queen of Pop herself and, as a result, gained critical insight into the world of celebrity networks.

When she graduated from the role, Denise saw an untapped opportunity. The way that celebrities and brands interacted was broken. Instead of transactional deals, the two needed to form meaningful, lasting relationships. She knew with her experience and network, she could foster mission-driven relationships between celebrities and early-stage companies.

Over the last 7 years, Denise has reinvented the celebrity-endorsement game by being hyper-focused on tapping into celebrities’ inherent creativity and bringing it to growing companies, who are sorely in need of amplifiers to further their cause.

A bi-coastal business

LMS is located in New York City, while the majority of the entertainment industry is based in Los Angeles. Despite having only two partners at the firm, LMS continues to uphold their “people first” values and make in-person client and talent interactions a priority. Denise and her partners are constantly up in the air en route to their dozens of clients and strategic partners all over the world.

Determined to bring talent & clients together in person to foster collaboration & creativity,
Denise was wasting hours each month scouring booking sites to try and find the elusive “perfect flight.” LMS was using “tons of travel services and platforms [that were] incredibly fragmented.”

Denise realized that the more time she spent on booking and managing her travel, the less time she was spending with clients. The core part of her business was being overshadowed by the minutia of travel booking.

“Feels like having an extra me”

That’s when Denise started using Pana. For someone that values relationships so highly, a bot just wouldn’t do it. Right away, she loved connecting with a real person. Plus, because she had a team of real people who were supporting her 24/7, she had the ability to communicate with her Pana travel team in ways the worked best for her. If she needed to, she could message in app, forward an email while on a flight, or send a quick text.

“I’m talking with someone who understands my specific preferences, and I’m not relying on an algorithm to know me. It’s the human touch.”

Pana’s also proven valuable when she’s on a trip and needs to make quick decisions and changes.

“Being a New Yorker, I don’t drive. When I do go to cities where I have to drive, it’s nice having someone in the sky fixing things for me.” All she needs to do is send one text to her “pocket travel agent” before she gets in the car, and whatever travel issue she’s facing is handled by the time she puts it in park.

Disaster averted

Recently, the Pana team helped Denise avert a big disaster.

She was traveling from JFK to LAX for a 24-hour trip and hit horrible traffic on the way to the airport. She was flustered and rushing through security to make her flight, and she left her computer bag behind.

About 7 minutes into her terminal dash, she realized what happened and what it could mean—her computer is full of confidential business information and celebrity client data. When she returned to TSA, the computer was no where to be found.

At that moment, she knew she was going to miss her flight. Having her laptop in hand was a necessity, and she didn’t have time to worry about her flight. Denise immediately contacted her Pana team, and within a few minutes, they had her rebooked on the last flight out.

That gave her an extra hour to walk up and down the terminal with security and find the culprit who had stolen her computer and get it back.

Because of Pana, Denise was able to protect her clients’ data, still make her LA meetings, and avoid all change fees. Plus, they got her a window seat on the way home.

Travel, handled.

From her years as a high-powered celebrity EA, Denise understands, more than most, the importance of thinking ahead and making sure every possible scenario is accounted for.

With Pana, she has access to a team of expert agents who handle all of her travel for her, so she can focus on keeping her network strong and her clients happy. What has made Denise so successful in her career is also what makes her love Pana—people first.

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