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Pana Moments: When the Backpack you lose in Chiang Mai is Returned to you Safely in San Francisco

Written by Nina Greene on July 6

Chiang Mai is a major cultural hub of Northern Thailand. It’s a destination for both work and play, as the city houses endless food and entertainment options as well as significant manufacturing facilities. Today’s fun fact is that Thailand also is a destination for “medical tourism,” and people visit cities like Chiang Mai to secure world-class medical care at affordable prices.

Okay, the Chiang Mai mini-lesson is complete. Now for the Pana Moment.

One of Pana’s members, Andrew Robinson, who was visiting Chiang Mai from his home in California for vacation, had the misfortune of losing his backpack/laptop case in the bustling Thai city.

It would be fair to assume that locating and returning this item to the US would be no easy mission, but Pana’s on-demand travel agents jumped in. Andrew’s Pana team tracked down his backpack and worked out all the logistics to have it returned to him at his home in San Francisco.

These are the type of mishaps that cause business and personal travelers a great deal of anguish, but for the Pana Travel Team, turning anguish into ease is all in a day’s work. Yes Pana books flights and hotels based on your preferences, but we also help you with the Travel Fails that can cost you time and frustration. No other website or travel management solution can handle what Pana does so well, all from the palm of your hand.

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